Work at work

It was great to see some of my design work for charity while walking down the halls of Methodist Rehab, my full time employer. My nearly 6 years on the job was recently rewarded with a plaque, a lapel pin and a $25 gift card… Recently while strolling down the second floor which contains a vast amount of my work. Lo and behold, I see my poster design for Evening of Hope. While initially not totally sold on the latest poster design over time it has certainly grown on me.

Something to talk about

Here’s a link from the official U.S. Fencing team, featuring awesome athletes AND my design of the Wheelchair hubcaps. Enjoy!

Oh blog I have neglected thee

But I’ll be bacK AND BOY DO I HAVE SOME STORIES TO TELL!!! Stay tuned.

Pieces and Parts

So you have a new project to work on, awesome, you hit your target audience, Score! Now it’s time to create ads, programs etc… Say what? Yea, here’s a crash course in branding. It seems easy to create something pretty but is it functional? Legible? Works in black & white as well as color? If it’s a logo will it work on a billboard as well as a lapel pin. Hhhmmmm all questions to be considered, when presented with a new project. I recently had the honor of creating posters for a charity event as well as photographing the Headliners. I kept the theme similar to the first years’ event and after stepping back from the work, I can now say it’s grown on me and I like it. 🙂 However, like any artist if I stare at it too long…well you get the picture. I had to create quarter page ads for a local weekly newspaper as well as web ads, in the coming days I will more than likely create programs and other incidentals all to solidify the branding and hopefully drive ticket sales. In the meantime, here are the exclusive premier of said advertisements, and BUY tickets!

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Back in the day

Guess, I’m showing my age. Boy, do I miss my college classes at JSU with all my art buddies, (I managed to marry one, my husband, business partner and model showing the old school zip drive)  All the camaraderie and competition, late night finals complete with a pizza run and first edition Xbox breaks with games of the original Halo on the projector (Sorry Professor J!). Oh the memories! I can’t believe how much has changed since then. Technology and design have moved leaps and bounds  and I constantly find myself in an effort to stay ahead of the curb. One thing that hasn’t changed, is good design, typography placements and the ability to connect with target audiences. It lies at the core of any good design though aesthetics is usually paramount in competitions. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and when the beholder is the judge of the design, it’s best not to take things too personally. As a designer your task is  to promote a brand, an idea and the majority of the time  the wishes of the CEO. There’s no better feeling than to build something that your proud of, and that a company is happy with. It takes time and you won’t always hit a home run, just keep batting and remember the good times spent practicing. Happy creating!

You win some and…

It’s been awhile since I posted, feels like I’ve been jumping through hoops a bit. Life has been life, beautiful, unexpected, a bit crazy but refreshing. I take each moment each contest as is and move forward. Speaking of contest, sssooooo I entered this design competition for Smashing Magazine, they’re an awesome designer focused magazine based in Europe and my entry didn’t win inclusion into their monthly wallpapers 😦   There were

some awesome competitors and I learned a lot, I’ll be back in full effect for May. You haven’t seen the last of me Smashing! 🙂 In the meantime, I decided why not share them with the rest of the world. Enjoy!

Decisions, Designs

How does one compete with oneself? Tough question and even tougher answer. Last year, I completed one of my best works for An Evening of Hope charity event. This year it was time for the event again, there was less time to plan for design and even less to shoot the photos for the event like before. This past weekend was brutal with day after day of shooting. Monday and Tuesday I met with my personal trainer for the first time, it was worse than high school track, completely wiped me out and had me sore on top of my responsibilities for my full time job. Every afternoon I edited photos and the turnaround was super quick. I really wanted to exceed the former poster and I’m really not sure I achieved it, and that’s ok. I’ve come to realize that every piece of artwork is perfect and exists within itself in the universe I just take the steps to reach it. Each poster is beautiful, I appreciate them individually for what they are. Sometimes, I feel like I’m arts muse, I’m just along for the dance and that is ok with me, I’ll keep time until the music stops.

And the winner is…

It’s time for GDUSA (Graphic Design USA’s) annual Inhouse  Design Awards, last year I was floored to be linked to advertising Giants, like Pepsi, Geico, Coca Cola, Merrill Lynch with ‘our then new’ marketing campaign for Methodist Rehabilitation Center. This year, I am entering a logo for a campaign for the fundraising arm of Methodist Rehabilitation Center, The Wilson Research Foundation.

Space and time

This definitely sums up Graphic Design. Seems like I’ve been in a fog of happiness lately. Plenty of work sure but I’ve got a bit of inspiration back seems like I’ve shed some skin and these new rags fit me just fine thank you very much! Videos to edit, homework to finish people and animals to love and draw oh joy oh rapture!

In design you have a defined space to convey a message and a predetermined amount of time to effectively display it. Sometimes what you have in mind doesn’t fit your clients idea, things have to be reformatted dreams dashed and back to the drawing board. It’s like life, one idea, one font, one cougar white page to the next. The key is learning your okay in this space and time and like clockwork it all passes.

MS Hearts Against Aids

Every year my husband and I donate artwork to the MS Hearts Against Aids foundation, and every year we promise to donate bigger and better stuff. Although I think our entries are better, we never get a chance to do that big umph  that we’d like. This year remains to be seen, I am donating original handpainted artwork which is a first and I will donate a graphic poster or two. I think hubby is donating some of his ceramic masks so we’ll see how this all goes down. The thing I’m most proud of is that I got to design an ad for the event that was placed in a LGBT magazine. It would be SUPER sweet if next year I got to paint the signature piece for the event *daydreams* until that glorious day I’ll settle for being happy about any help I can give to anyone in need. 🙂