Up and at em!

Man talk about a crazy week of great happenings! Two weeks ago Sunday the article came out in the paper.

Monday I was interviewed for JFP’s person of the day

And Wednesday I was congratulated in Madison County Chamber’s Zip 39 newsletter.

This week, I received the national magazine with my award winning entry, and my husband has won more awards as he completes his military career the end of this month. Happy, Happy, JOY, JOY!! Thanks for your support over the years!

On the brink of morning

It’s 3 am, and I’m on the computer just finished a round of cleaning and in deep thought. I”m so grateful for every breath, every moment, every second that I live this life fearless. It’s like coming up for air, everything is clearer, brighter and just overall wonderful. I’ve accomplished so much since my last post. It’s going to take me at least a month to catch up on it all. But in the meantime, check Sunday’s paper. If, as my grandmother used to say, “The good lord willing and the creek don’t rise, Yours truly will be profiled in this Sunday’s Business Section of the Clarion Ledger. 🙂 Here’s the accompanying photo courtesy of Barbara Gauntt, the Clarion Ledger.

Mad World

Haven’t blogged in awhile, my feelings have been like Pandora all over the place. Happy, grateful, conflicted but I’m still tapping my feet to the beat, question is am I strong enough to follow the rhythm abandon the predictable. Shed these concrete boots and FLY!!! I know every spot I land won’t be great but it’s time for a change of scenery, my heart feels it my soul feels it but oh that is that fear and the faith question. I love being an artist, all of it! I don’t like being confined by a particular genre. I love to paint a kid one day photograph a wedding the next and create a brand identity the next day. I’d like to have a day to chase my dogs, edit some work plan my future and laugh. A good laugh not a nervous one, not a what if one but a LAUGH. Free of strings or wondering, I think I want what we all do. Just to BE, creative, conflicting, confusing beautiful, but most of all alive. Felt like I hadn’t been living in years but I see it on the horizon. I have some loud lyric in my head accompanied with a snare, a prayer and my husband’s hand. That’s what makes life grande, and I’m ready for the journey.

Bye Bye Bailey

Ain’t life grand? Over the course of the past year my hubby and I have been perfecting our side gig, Brice Media. We started out with separate styles, and clients had a choice when it came to hand drawn portraits. We’ve gotten a number of clients and had to adjust our business model to fit our new brand. Like a rope we are stronger together. We’ve learned to work together on our projects and it’s given them a different feel. Thus one drawing I started has to be restarted. 😦

This dog is one of 3 in a series and they all belong to one household. Therefore to adjust to our new style we have to go back to the drawing board with Bailey. I’m excited and saddened at the same time. I will find something to do with it, it seems almost sacrilegious to leave it but it’s time to step into a new era. So I say Bye Bye Bailey; hello future!

This morning

Yes, I’m up before sunrise. I am so grateful for today. The journey to today started over 10 years ago, in a building long torn down and rebuilt on JSU campus, a computer lab with G4s and a building flaw that allowed us students to ‘skate’ around the lab with it’s tilted floors. Over 10 years ago, Charles Brice the man who would become my husband started his career at Jackson State University. When I first met him I thought he was 16, he was overly friendly and kept asking me questions while I tried to edit a poem I was working on. Annoyed at his questioning I finally took the time to look up at him, I said to myself; oh he’s cute! He has bags under his eyes and a birthmark on his head but he’s cute, lol! He responded, “I know I have bags under my eyes and a spot on my head.”…I stopped typing he had my full attention. After carding him to make sure I wasn’t breaking any laws, he became my rival, my best friend, my husband and now so many years later my fellow alumni.

I couldn’t tell you how much that means to me. How much I’ve seen him grow through the years since the time he signed up for the Army after we invaded Iraq, to him becoming a paratrooper and going through basic training, performing the last rites to fallen soldiers as a member of the Army’s Honor Guard Team, to his capturing the stories of those in war zones and their efforts to secure nations as a photojournalist. After all these years including a detour in the Armed Forces my husband graduates with his B.A. in Graphic Design today. So yes, I’m up before the sunrise, thanking the many suns that we’ve seen together, grateful for this new chapter of our lives and so very proud of the man who changed my last name. CONGRATULATIONS ARMY SGT. CHARLES BRICE!!!


Great news! After I returned from a day long Adobe seminar, lo and behold there waiting for me was an award. Not just any award but a National Graphic Design Award! The official title is Graphic Design USA’s American Inhouse Design Award. Talk about prestigious, my work will be featured along with the big wigs. ie Coca Cola, Pepsi, Geico etc. This is my second year winning the award. Last year I won for the campaign I created for Methodist Rehab, this year it was the Spirit of Rehab Campaign for the Wilson Research Foundation. I was the ONLY Mississippi designer to win and Methodist Rehab was one of only a handful of hospitals to ever win! I’m honored to win the honor again and plan on letting more people know about it as last year’s press release…just never happened. Here’s a snapshot of my award and my workstation. I’m going to smile myself to sleep. 🙂

Work at work

It was great to see some of my design work for charity while walking down the halls of Methodist Rehab, my full time employer. My nearly 6 years on the job was recently rewarded with a plaque, a lapel pin and a $25 gift card… Recently while strolling down the second floor which contains a vast amount of my work. Lo and behold, I see my poster design for Evening of Hope. While initially not totally sold on the latest poster design over time it has certainly grown on me.