Now where was I?

It’s been awhile since I updated this so I have plenty to share. To start off my last day at Methodist Rehab which was over a month ago was busy, sentimental and beautiful at the same time. As soon as I got in Juanita had roses for me. She said,”Here’s the last of my roses, they lasted just as long as you did.”

I immediately began to tear up and gave my lifelong friend a big hug. We dried eyes and got to work, there was plenty to be done and the clock was ticking. The rest of the day was filled with beautiful hugs and heartfelt gifts from former coworkers, now endearing friends. One keepsake my husband snatched for himself it’s a nice necklace that simply states, “I am inspired.” My boss gave me a beautiful angel for my new office and Juanita gave me the most beautiful cross I’ve ever seen. 

I received so much from so many, I just hope I’ve given them something in return. For the past 6 years, we’ve been family and I miss them dearly. On the way out the door the elevator inexplicably stopped on the fourth floor where my dear friend Jane worked. Without hesitation I stepped out and yelled her name like I normally did when I saw her; JJJJAAAAAYYYYYNNNNNNEEEE!!!!! It did my heart well to know that even though she’s skywalking she took the time to touch the earth and wave.

It was an emotional weekend as I came to grips with the fact the Monday would be totally different from any one I’ve had in 6 years. I woke up refreshed, recharged, grateful and ran 2 miles. Since then life has been a delicate balancing act working hard, long days but being excited at the same time. I’m trying to learn how to schedule downtime and not work all the time. It’s hard because 90% of the time work doesn’t seem like work. Have I made mistakes along the way absolutely. It’s okay because I’m learning  and loving every minute of it.Image



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