Juanita’s Roses

Yesterday was a beautifully remembered Friday.It started with a bit of anxiety, various shots of inspiration and magazine design. There was a decision that needed to be made, one 6 years in the making and I’d figured today would be the day, after much prayer, debate and soul searching. My heart soul and mind were all in agreement it was time. I followed a loose schedule for the morning headed out the door and began the final stages of designing my ninth magazine for Methodist Rehabilitation Center. Before I headed out the door, I listened to the late Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement address on an Apple computer. Truth be told, Apple was the very first computer I owned as a kid, it was bulky had huge drives and I loved it! It was a hand me down, not as cool as my cousin’s computer where we played “Reader Rabbit” but it was mine. Years later a flood would render my treasure useless, and while I was in college training for graphics on high tech, G4s my mother quietly threw it in the trash.

The words of Jobs, a reflection of my life, the death/evolution of a lot of those around me all played a slow soundtrack through my day. I went through the motions, diligently dotted all I’s crossed all T’s in my quest to finish up my design project. In my haste, I was reminded by one of my good friends, co-workers, “not to forget my flowers.” It reminded me of a sentiment and a song my mom always sang on Sunday mornings while fixing home made biscuits. “Give me my flowers, while I can see them.” Out of tune, with flour covered hands she’d hum the ditty as I listened and sometimes that ancient apple computer buzzed in rhythm. I smiled at the thought and gave my dear friend Juanita a hug. When, I was a kid I spent a few days as a candy striper and I loved it. I found a connection and a love with those in nursing homes and a deep pain in my heart for those who were left with no loved ones to check on them. I found these souls especially rich and fascinating.

Juanita has a few years on me but her words and hilarious antics are fresh everyday as are her roses. She grows the most fragrant and beautiful roses that I or those around me have ever seen. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having or smelling Juanita’s roses you truly have been given a treat. Every week she brings in fresh roses from her garden to share with her office and at the end of the week she gives me those roses for the weekend. I sometimes share with those who marvel at them on my way to my car.

As my day came to a close with page numbers added, wayward text converted to outlines for packaging and the final product wrapped into a nice shiny bow and uploaded to an FTP site for completion. The decision had been made the letter typed and the time had come for it to be delivered. I turned in my resignation letter.

The past six years at the Methodist Rehab center have been some of the most fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding years of my life. I started as McNeil and left as a Brice, I’ve celebrated countless holidays at the company’s parties. Co-workers prayed me through my husband’s year in Afghanistan and celebrated with me when he returned. I made numerous and lifelong friends, I have immense respect and admiration for the therapists, staff and patients. However, it’s time for a different part of this journey called life and nothing makes me happier than working Brice Media. I can be a photographer, graphic designer, fine artist…I can just BE and that brings me immeasurable joy.

I didn’t forget my roses each and everyone having their own beauty and fragrance and I walked out the door with a huge smile both in my heart and on my face.

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