Mad World

Haven’t blogged in awhile, my feelings have been like Pandora all over the place. Happy, grateful, conflicted but I’m still tapping my feet to the beat, question is am I strong enough to follow the rhythm abandon the predictable. Shed these concrete boots and FLY!!! I know every spot I land won’t be great but it’s time for a change of scenery, my heart feels it my soul feels it but oh that is that fear and the faith question. I love being an artist, all of it! I don’t like being confined by a particular genre. I love to paint a kid one day photograph a wedding the next and create a brand identity the next day. I’d like to have a day to chase my dogs, edit some work plan my future and laugh. A good laugh not a nervous one, not a what if one but a LAUGH. Free of strings or wondering, I think I want what we all do. Just to BE, creative, conflicting, confusing beautiful, but most of all alive. Felt like I hadn’t been living in years but I see it on the horizon. I have some loud lyric in my head accompanied with a snare, a prayer and my husband’s hand. That’s what makes life grande, and I’m ready for the journey.

About talamieka

Award winning artist, photographer, poet & graphic designer. Official designer for U.S. Wheelchair Fencing Team's hubcaps. Featured in Graphic Design USA, 1/2 of Brice Media. View all posts by talamieka

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