Bye Bye Bailey

Ain’t life grand? Over the course of the past year my hubby and I have been perfecting our side gig, Brice Media. We started out with separate styles, and clients had a choice when it came to hand drawn portraits. We’ve gotten a number of clients and had to adjust our business model to fit our new brand. Like a rope we are stronger together. We’ve learned to work together on our projects and it’s given them a different feel. Thus one drawing I started has to be restarted. 😦

This dog is one of 3 in a series and they all belong to one household. Therefore to adjust to our new style we have to go back to the drawing board with Bailey. I’m excited and saddened at the same time. I will find something to do with it, it seems almost sacrilegious to leave it but it’s time to step into a new era. So I say Bye Bye Bailey; hello future!

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Award winning artist, photographer, poet & graphic designer. Official designer for U.S. Wheelchair Fencing Team's hubcaps. Featured in Graphic Design USA, 1/2 of Brice Media. View all posts by talamieka

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